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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
It is a non invasive medical treatment in which a patient receives 100% oxygen in a chamber while under pressure.

2. How does it work?
The pressure increases the amount of oxygen at the cellular level aiding the body’s natural healing process. It also allows the oxygen to reach bone and tissue, increases the white blood cell formation and promotes the new creation of peripheral and capillary vessels.

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3. What type of chamber is used?
New Sechrist monoplaced chambers are used at our facility. Sechrist Industries are world renowned for their chambers and have a reputation for quality, safety and dependability.

4. Is the patient monitored throughout their treatment?
Highly qualified hyperbaric technician(s) are monitoring the patient’s treatment from the beginning to end. (The patient is NEVER left unattended.)

5. Is there a physician on staff?
Yes. Our Medical Director is Board Certified in Family Practice and we have a network of physicians specializing in many areas of medicine.

6. What is a treatment like?
Prior to the start of each treatment vital signs are taken and ears checked. For diabetics, blood sugar levels are taken. There are three phases to the treatment, compression, treatment time and decompression. During your treatment you will experience pressure in your ears, much like what you feel on ascent and descent in an airplane.

7. What side effects one might experience?
Generally, patients experience no after effects from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, there are some patients that might experience side effects; the most common is ear and sinus squeeze and temporary visual changes.

8. What is the length of the treatment?
The length of treatment depends on the diagnosis being treated as well as the patients overall health. Treatment can range from 60 to 120 minutes.

9. Does insurance cover treatment?
Most health insurers and Medicare recognize HBOT as being medically necessary and will usually cover all the Medicare recognized diagnosis's. Call our billing department for further information and assistance with your coverage and reimbursement questions.

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